Inevitably when I hang out with my family, I end up knitting something for my mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom. And though I’ve knit her many things, I do know that she loves them and wears/uses everything I’ve made for her.

While I was home for Christmas, we went to River City Yarns‘ South Side location and fondled pretty much every skein they had on display. It’s really best to have her pick out something that she finds soft and cosy. My mom said she wanted something chunky, and I knew already that she likes soft things so I directed her attention to the Alpaca yarns they had.
Baaaaaaaby Llaaaaaaaama cowl
She ended up picking out the Mirasol Miski Baby Llama that was on a stand right next to the door. Actually I think I started off carrying a skein of it around for a bit, but something else drew her attention at some point. Needless to say that this yarn is SUPER soft. The light amount of twist really keeps it at it’s absolute softest.

My mom kept looking around for some arresting pink handpainted yarn, but I was able to convince her that I could make something interesting with a solid yarn and that really she should be considering the softness at the priority since she’ll be wearing it around her neck.
Next we looked through hundreds of cowl patterns on Ravelry until we found a handful that grabbed her attention. #125 Luxe Infinity Scarf by SweaterBabe was the finalist, though she wanted it a little closer fitting, but still be able to pull it around her shoulders if cold enough. I eliminated a pattern repeat (36 sts), cast on and got to work.
Say it with me: Baaaaaaaaaby llama.
Pattern: #125 Luxe Infinity Scarf by SweaterBabe
Materials: Mirasol Miski (100% Baby Llama)
Start Date: December 29, 2010
End Date: January 2, 2011

This yarn was such a pleasure to knit with. I just wish that there was more yardage in each skein. I ended up going through 4.5 skeins to get a nice sized cowl, finishing off at the end of a pattern repeat.

Such a nice cosy cowl that’s sure to help her survive many an Albertan winter. I’m sure it will serve her well.