Oyster Pie Blanket – Finally Finished

I’m feeling rather laconic at the moment so here we go.

My best friend got married in October so I made her a blanket. I finished all the blocks a week before leaving and finished mattress stitching them together on the plane ride down to SF (where she lives with her new husband). They love it.

Finished Oyster Pie Blanket

Oyster Pie Blanket Detail

Finished Oyster Pie Blanket

Crinkled up goodness

Pattern: Sunny Spread
by Ellen Gormley
Materials: Louet Gems Bulky in 7 colours + cloud grey
Start Date: March 23, 2010
End Date: October 9, 2010

Mattress Stitch Marathon

So I’m nearing the deadline of this dotty blanket which I now realise I really haven’t mentioned before. It’s been hanging out on my Ravelry page since March and I’ve been working on it in the background while getting on with all sorts of crafty shenanigans.

It’s now reached the point of putting together and it’s really coming along. Here’s a photo I took for my own reference once I finished the layout one morning on my kitchen floor:
Dotty Blanket layout

This project is really making me fall in love with mattress stitch all over again. As nice as it is with knitting, I find it even awesomer with crochet. I especially love how the blocks will really smoosh up to one another and give this great square delineation from one block to another.

I did make one of those 5 min videos of me working on it, but somehow YouTube magically turned 5 min into 1:34 but strangely the soundtrack is fine…weird.

After my tech support helps me figure out what happened and how to fix it, I’ll be sure to let you know.

ETA: Here’s the non-smushed version of the video: