Slanty Winter Cross Stitch

I’ve been sewing a lot. I’ve actually been working on my army of dresses. And even completed a few which I’ve been wearing A LOT since their completion. The one thing I haven’t really done it take ANY pictures of them. I’ll get to it at some point. Honestly I haven’t quite figured out the best place in my new apartment to take such pictures. I miss the lighting in my old place.

Here’s some embroidery instead:

Finished sampler

There is a recurring theme with me. Get a sampler kit. Work on it furiously for a while. Get to a frustrating point then set it down for several months.


Then pick it up again, forcing myself to finish before a new one arrives. I suppose that it’s better than leaving half finished embroideries to stack up.

Tea & T

This particular sampler got stalled when I realised that I miss counted when starting the top two lines and it got all slanty. Unfortunately the discovery was made once the top was all finished and I didn’t want to risk running out of floss.

First bit

And maybe there’s something about leaving mistakes, blah, blah, blah, human-made, yadda, yadda, yadda. The only issue is that they’re out of line. Small error with big results. However, it still seems stupid to take it all out for a counting issu. Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Whatever. I’m keeping my slanty cross stitch and starting something new.


Pattern: Winterwoods ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler by Alica Paulson
Materials: Cashel Linen & Weeks Dye Works cotton embroidery floss
Start Date: March 30, 2012
End Date: July 8, 2012

Something more honey badger-y.

Eff eff

Daisychain Sampler

I started this crewel work sampler with gusto back in July when I first received the kit. Basically I was completing a letter a day until I got to “Q”. While working on the “Q”, I got discourage by the lazy daisies I was making and the sampler got put away for several months and I worked on other things for a while.

Finished Daisychain Sampler
Pattern: Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler Kit by Alica Paulson
Materials: Appleton 2-ply crewel yarn
Start Date: July 14, 2011
End Date: January 29, 2012

But after getting back from Christmas vacation, I really wanted to finish some of the many many many projects I have that lying around in progress and half started. That combined with the announcement of a new cross stitch sampler made me get over my lazy daisy angst and get back to work!

1. Daisychain A, 2. Daisychain B, 3. Daisychain C, 4. Daisychain D, 5. Daisychain E, 6. Daisychain F, 7. Daisychain G, 8. Daisychain H, 9. Daisychain I, 10. Daisychain J, 11. Daisychain K, 12. Daisychain L, 13. Daisychain Q, 14. Finished Alphabet: F – T, 15. Daisychain R, 16. Daisychain S, 17. Daisychain T, 18. Daisychain U, 19. Daisychain V, 20. Daisychain W, 21. Daisychain X, 22. Daisychain Y, 23. Daisychain Z, 24. Finished Alphabet: A – O, 25. Finished Alphabet: L – Z
Daisychain Q

Within a week of picking it up again, I had finished it off. And I really don’t know what my problem with those lazy daisies was. The finished “Q” turned out just fine. I’m such a weirdo sometimes.

Another few days, another few letters

So it hasn’t really been so long since my last post about this Daisychain Sampler business, but it’s chugging along at a nice pace. Here’s a few more letters I’ve finished up since Monday.

Daisychain K

I wasn’t so sure about this K, but now I think it’s super cool. It took me a little bit to figure out how this long & short stitch thing worked but I think it worked out pretty well.

Daisychain L

I realised partway into stitching this L that I was using the wrong colour of yarn. So I kept with it and used a lighter shade for the center French knots. It’s a little more delicate this way. Yeah, lets go with that.

Daisychain M

This M is pretty marvelous if you ask me. I’m tempted to extrapolate a bunch of letters and make a header graphic of it (finally, a header graphic). Or something. We’ll see how things develop.

Kewel Crewel Continues

Daisychain Sampler - in progress

So my stamina on the Daisychain Sampler is continuing rather unabated.

Daisychain E

I think I like this sampler business with different stitches being used for different letters.

Daisychain F

There’s enough variety to keep things from being monotonous and each letter is completely quickly enough that I can’t really get bored.

Daisychain G

So yeah. I’ve already got a whole much more letters done since last week.

Daisychain H

Daisychain I

Daisychain J

Though stem stitch hasn’t really been a favourite stitch, I do quite love the ropey effect it has here. Plus I think I like stem stitch more now that I know how to stitch it properly (reading instructions is a good idea).

Daisychain K - in progress

Even this K was finished by last night. I’m sure I’ll have more to show before long.

Crewel is kewel

Daisychain Sampler Progress

So I’ve been reading the blog Posie gets cosy for quite a while now. I’m not much of a commenter on other people’s blogs. Mostly I read things through Google Reader and all in a batch so it’s extra effort to click through and comment (especially frustrating to do on mobile readers). And to be honest, I don’t always feel like I have something to add what people are posting about. But whatevs.

What was I talking about? Yeah, so I read Alica’s blog. And when she posted a while back about these Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler Kits she was going to put together, I figured I’d give it a try. I’m quite enjoying the embroidery these days and crewel has interested me in theory but there aren’t a lot of cool (or kewel) projects kicking around in this old school technique. I have a couple of modern takes on it but have yet to jump into the wool & needle thing until now.

Daisychain A

My sampler kit arrived in the mail last Thursday. Despite working on other ongoing projects I immediately started playing crewel embroidery after opening the package.

Daisychain B

And I kept stitching.

Daisychain C

And stitching all weekend in a variety of air conditioned locations.

Daisychain D

And stitching my way through the weekend.

I finished up H last night. I have a whole slew more photos to take of the letters. I especially love the E which I opted to make REAL puffy. I like to thing that it’s so puffy, it’s in 4D (or at least IMAX 3D).

Oh and the question that I’ve been asked a few times now. The kit was a pre-order sort of thing and there are no more to order BUT you can buy the PDF of the pattern (which includes the outline guides for all the letters.

I think I’ll embroider the phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” next. Why yes, I AM a graphic designer. How’d you guess? 😉

Ceçi n’est pas une diskette

Back in February I got a little focused on cross stitch. Particularly in stitching personalised cross stich floppy disks for all my geeky friends. Well one friend got left out. She’s not as big a technology geek as the rest of us. Though she was excited about having a personalised cross stitch, a floppy disk really did not suit her. She’s much more into music than computers.

Midnight Cross Stitch

It took me a while to figure out what object would work better. Then longer still for me to finalise the cross stitch chart and finally start stitching. But I managed to find the perfect musical equivalent to a floppy disk. A cassette tape.

Finished by Monday

I even managed to cryptically get her to finalise the colour choices without revealing what I was stitching. She really liked it (and maybe even squeed a little?). It currently lives in a prominent place in her living room.


It turned out so cool that I want to stitch one for myself maybe. But I’m still excited about this quilt thing, so it might wait.

Non-hipstamatic Cassette Tape

And finally one for me.

I finished this back at the end of March but I seem to have neglected to mention it around these parts. Sorry about that. This is the final diskette in the series that I made for myself using my nickname (Locks).
A disk for me

I really wanted to make a disk that has the name in white against another colour. It may have been a better idea to start with this part of the cross stitch, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Though the green on green makes it seem a little TOO green somehow. I probably won’t re-stitch this though. I think it’s time to stitch something new.

ETA: FYI, Joan of Locks or Locks is a nickname I earned after a comedic evening out in London a while back. It’s my all time favourite nickname I’ve ever received and use it as much as possible.

Embroidery therapy

It seems like almost everyone I’ve been around in the past few weeks has been sick. First my brother, then girl’s night is postponed a week due to communal illnesses, then multiple co-workers pass around some germs. I’ve been out running the germs for, I guess, a month or so.

Well, they finally caught up with me on Saturday. And I was bored of it as soon as it arrived. But I managed to find a project to get me through the tissues, lemon tea, juice and pudding.

Flower, leaf & knotty goodness

Back in February, an embroidery blog I read: Feeling Stitchy, held a stitch-a-long. I was too busy with floppy disks and work to really jump into the project, but it sat in the back of my mind. I’m kind of still in the thinking phase of some of my other projects and wanted some embroidery to jump into.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

So I printed off the pattern, traced it onto some muslin and got to stitching.

Main flower detail

Clearly I liked the colour palette used for the example stitchery and used it for my own. I thought about changing out the aqua blue for mint green, but the blue of the washable pen I used looked so good with the carmine pinks that it had to stay. I also used some of the same modifications, such as adding French knots, but was a little more liberal with them.

Flowers, leaves 'n' such

But I guess I did it a little differently and really like what I came up with.

The whole shebang

So much so that I traced another mirror image that I’m working on right now. I guess the idea is to frame them and have them as visual “bookends” in some fashion.

More Cross-stitch Floppies

Two more cross stitch floppy disks that I made for friends recently. As it happens it seems that these days I hang out with many people who deserve and would love a personalised cross stitch floppy disk, including my friends Janina and Susie.

Nini's disk

Janina is a programmer. She (like me) used to run around with a pocketful of diskettes. She was trying to remember the colour of her favourite disk, but I ended up going for mauve/lavender land because it’s a colour palette she loves. I don’t recall ever seeing a lavender diskette, but I’m not too concerned about these being historically accurate.

Susie’s managed to be finished around her birthday which was most fortuitous. I went for decidedly Susie colours. She works at a video game company here in Montreal, so thought it would be a nice way to personalise her desk. She can’t take pictures of it in its new home, but I’m assured that it has made her the Queen of her workplace.

Susie's disk

There are a few more of these disks in the works (including one for myself) and another mystery personalised item for a friend who is decidedly un-computer-geeky. I’ve taken a small break from these in favour of some languishing knitting projects and a sewing project or two. Oh yeah. This weekend I also had a LOVE affair with Rolags. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Currently Cross-stitch obsessed

I begun cross-stitching floppy disks on a whim for my assigned valentine at work and have been stitching ever since.

Cross-stitch Floppy

I’ve completed three so far and have started number 4. There’s still 2 more in the plan.

Joe's Floppy Disk

Plus a mystery object for the non-geeky inclined (trust me, it’s going to be equally awesome).

Nini's disk

And yes, there’s one for me in the plan too. And I have other plans for this cross-stitching business. Oh indeed I do.