I have awesome friends

My best friend (the one who’s getting married this fall) decided to go on a impromptu trip back to London. I was excited to join her but then hemmed and hawwed long enough for the airfare to go from $700 to $1500 (turns out it just takes a week). I REALLY couldn’t find any way to justify that.

But she was terribly nice enough to send me some requested goodies from the fabulous V&A show: Quilts 1700-2010 and I am eternally grateful. These fat quarters are ENORMOUS. I’m talking fat quarter meters, giving a piece that measures 21″x26″ or so. Those must be some wide fabrics!

The book is fantastic and Mr. Peabody borrowed it almost immediately (it’s ok, I know where he lives). The fabric is in a special quarantine until I figure out what great amazing project is worthy. I’m thinking something traditional.

Thanks again Miss Pie!

Happy Birthday Scraps

Yes another birthday related post. Last one for like a whole year. I’m pretty sure about that.

My birthday present from Mr. Peabody was this awesome 5lb. box of scraps bought on eBay. Apparently he’s really bad about keeping secrets and told me all about it minutes after he won the auction during a family dinner evening. For the record, I would never have know anything about it had he not flat out told me about it. I just thought his constant checking of his computer was just plain old technoholic behaviour.

What made this box of scraps absolutely the perfect gift is that it’s scraps of 1930’s reproduction fabrics including a bunch of awesome Aunt Grace fabrics. I have been known to randomly blurt out in a loud tone “Aunt Grace!” during various online fabric perusing Les courtepointistes evenings. “AUNT GRACE!”

When the box finally made it’s way to Montreal, I spent a good 2-3 hours taking out each individual scrap and sorting it according to colour. This categorising of fabric appealed to Mr. Peabody’s natural tendencies so he quickly took charge of defining the individual colour categories. It was good times.

This is how the box has sat on a bookshelf in my apartment since. Sorted and waiting. Until this past weekend when I finally got around to washing the fabric.

I was advised not to use my washing machine because of the scrappy nature of the scraps and wanting to preserve the fabric as much as possible. Don’t want to lose fabric to the usual edge unravelling that happens in the spin cycle. So into the wash tub they went.

I split the box into 2 batches and transferred the wet fabric to drain in my colander before they met with the iron. After spending several hours ironing and trimming off the ravelings, Mr. Peabody came by and was concerned with me leaving the fabric in big wet piles as I made my way through the trimming and ironing.

His first objection was how wet my fabric was while I was ironing it. Pshwa. There was no scalding of fabric! But whateves. Next he told me that my fabric would mould by the time I got to ironing all of it. So he went to work hanging up the scraps on my laundry rack. Quickly the rack filled up and we moved onto filling up the backs of my kitchen chairs with the rest. Just hanging up fabric took us nearly an hour to hang it all up!

Next I’ll be re-sorting, re-folding and re-packing my box of scraps. Then it will be time to start imagining future projects. Postage stamp charm quilts. String pieced quilts. Any suggestions?

The Year of the Elephant

Another year, another birthday. This year I went out for a family dinner at an Indian place up on St-Laurent. It was super filling and super yummy. I ate a whole bunch of naan due to it’s high deliciousness content. After dinner we hung out at my apartment and had a DQ ice cream cake—a tradition in my family. I haven’t had an ice cream cake for many (too many) years so was super happy that they found one. So so good. And check out the awesome My Little Pony on top (yes I’m really a 5 year old girl inside stuck in the 80s).

One of my Christmas presents from my parents was an elephant cream and sugar set. So for my birthday they bought me the matching tea pot. Here’s the herd in it’s natural habitat. They already look super comfortable don’t they? What I really love about this tea set, besides the elephants, is that piece is a slightly different kind of elephant. The tea pot is clearly very Babar, the creamer is all psychedelic Dumbo elephant and the sugar is, well like a real elephant.

Continuing the theme of fabric gifts from Christmas, I got a lovely array of fat quarters from Mr. Peabody and Ginette featuring the new fabrics they’ve got in recently. I super love all of them. The graphic designer in me especially loves the grid and dashed lined fabrics. I see some embroidery in my future.

And finally a copy of Piecework. Their historical knitting issue as you can see from the cover. I’m super stoked about it. My favourite Interweave articles are the historical knitting ones. They always focus on the coolest stuff.

The best part about it being my birthday is I get to host the leftover cake. I’ve been having a slice here and there since last week. Yum.

Craft shopping SF style

I’m back from my holiday in LA. After picking me up from the airport while we were sitting down to a nice Thai lunch, my friend that I was visiting told me that she had a job interview up in San Francisco. A road trip was underway.

I had some time on my hands later on so I did some research on the newly discovered Yelp for fabric and yarn shops in San Francisco and I came up with a short list. I was able to coerce my friend Lisa to go with me to two stores. Peapod Fabrics in Inner Sunset and ImagiKnit in Castro.

We stopped by Peapod Fabrics first: 1314 18th Ave (at Irving), San Francisco, CA 94122. A really cute little shop really well stock with all kinds of super cute fabrics. After a little walk around gazing at all the lovely prints they have and wanting all of them, I started digging through the fat quarter bins and pretty much taking every second or third one that I came across. The shop keeper even offered to cut some more from the bolts. I took her up on that for a couple. I definitely would have had her cut a bunch more if we had more time on our parking meter. As it was, I did get a pretty great stack to bring home with me.

On Saturday after hipster brunch with friends, we headed over to ImagiKnit: 3897 18th St (at Sanchez), San Francisco, CA 94114. It’s a pretty big shop with quite a selection of yarn ranging from simple to fancy. There’s quite a selection of fancy/novelty yarns which aren’t entirely my bag. But I was quite taken with the wide selection of Malabrigo that I found there.

The shop has floor to ceiling built in shelving housing it’s wares and there were two rows from floor to ceiling just dedicated to Malabrigo worsted in a wide array of colours. The shop definitely deserves some time for proper browsing. It really was too much for me to take in.

Not entirely being in the leisurely shopping mood, especially at dragging my non-knitting friend along, I went directly for what popped out at me, some lovely speckled Koigu (I know it’s Canadian, but they had a great selection and whatever, holidays are for shopping) and some Malabrigo lace in a couple of colours. The like mauve/pink is for my mom’s Xmas present and the mint green is for me. It’s my favourite colour.

I definitely recommend these shops if you’re going to be in the area. Both are on my list of local haunts to be if I ever find myself living in the Bay area.

I also wanted to check out Britex in Downtown SF (4 floors of fabric and notions!) but on the way there, a cab clipped the back bumper of my friend’s car so we chased him down, phoned his company and then filed a police report instead. Then we went for Thai food.