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Well, not really. But I’m totally in love with my new hair clip. I bought it at Jean Coutu this weekend and have worn pretty much since. What makes this remarkable is that I CAN’T STAND having stuff in my hair. I don’t use any hair products, barely use elastics and occasionally use one or two bobby pins.

I’m getting used to having long hair again, but one thing that has been driving me kinda nuts is in the shower. I like to lather up with shampoo and let it sit while I soap up the rest of my body. Thing is that my long hair won’t stay up on its own anymore. The soapy lather used to be enough to keep it out of the way, now not. Thus the need for a hair clip. I pretty much purchase things out of necessity. I’ve done enough frivolous purchases of hair clips and such to make myself be honest and have a really good reason for such a clip.

Right. Well enough preamble to my inner crazy and onto the clip in action!

First, here’s my usual elastic-round-a-bun process.

And the resulting bun is pretty decent. Generally something that’s part of my sweats and t-shirt weekend wear.

The new clip doesn’t change a lot in the process. I still wrap my hair around in a bun, then squash as much as possible into the clip.

And the resulting secure hairstyle. Nice huh?