Professor Peabody Proliferates Purling

Hey there! I’m still around and kicking. And I’m suddenly busy busy busy. Funny thing how when there’s all sorts of things to write about, one doesn’t necessarily have the time to do the writing (or taking of the pictures, uploading to the Flickr, updating the Ravelry and the blogging, etc).

There’s some knitting going on, but not much that’s new. A little Cable Eyelet Ribbed Cardigan here, some Cuttlefish Socks there, maybe with a side of Entrelac to keep things nicely balanced and nutritious.

There’s kind of a lot of big news going on at the moment, but it’s rather fresh and still developing so I’m going to keep you in the dark for the moment. Once there are official things to discuss, everyone shall know. For now enjoy the pretty picture of my very second handspun evers! (the first skein is rather less interesting, trust me) It really is like crack. All I want to do is spin spin spin.

And in other news, Mr. Peabody has been promoted to Prof. Peabody. He’s teaching classes at Effiloché on Tuesday evenings. Go bother him and make him practise his French for me.