Still hexing

I very patiently awaited the next step in the quilt-a-long all week. Turns out it was instructions to make the blocks I was already making. So I took the opportunity to refine my steps and make another set of 5 fabric combinations.

Looking at them all on my kitchen floor made me realise that there wasn’t enough green and blue combinations to make this a green/blue quilt.

I remedied this by making another 5 fabric combinations featuring blue and green.

Looks like a pretty good start to the quilt doesn’t it?

I like this width. I just need to fill it in the spaces and add to the length. I think I’m about halfway to having a quilt top.

Oh and I may have bought a bunch more blue/green candidates for this quilt this past weekend.


After seeing Maritza’s version and reading all about the accompanying quilt-a-long, I began obsessing about the quilt all day at work on Friday wanting to have the time to figure out on paper how to make it work using my growing fat quarter collection.

I got home friday night and started cutting according to my initial calculations. It turns out my initial calculations were a tad off. But after making triangles that were too large, I played around with some paper and came up with new calculations and used this to make the rest of my triangles.

I had a ton of fun yesterday coming up with fabric combinations, sewing them into strips and cutting out triangles and piecing them together by machine. I could easily spent the entire day working on this quilt. But I decided to respect the quilt-a-long and stick to the schedule. So I limited myself to 5 sets of fabric combinations and sewed all their halves together.

I really can’t wait for the next step. WANT IT NOW! In the meantime I’m working up the back of my former Februrary Lady sweater in it’s new incarnation as an Oblique.

I’m still eagerly awaiting my ladybug. I think that the strength of the loonie is causing a backlog at the border. I joined Cosymakes’ Falkland Fiber Club and the Funky Carolina Fiber Club and was also considering her scraps club, but we’ll see how much fibre I work through. I dream of being in the Hello Yarn Fibre Club, but there’s quite the waiting list.