Non-spinning update

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that my old cranky sewing machine and I have seemed to make up with one another. I managed to work for most of the day on my scissor shirtdress with minimal complaints. I think his bobbin cartridge needs a tune up but other than that he was very well behaved. It would seem that he likes his new more permanent home beside the refrigerator instead of the more temporary digs in front of the stove/washer/dryer/fridge. I guess being in the way made him nervous.

I think my sewing machine is definitely a he though I’m not entirely settled on his name. Edmund jumps to mind but I’m not sure about it. Ooo, or Oliver? Any thought? I’ll have to get a photo so you can be properly introduced.

Since I believe in posts having photos, take a gander at what happend at the last session of Les Courtepointistes:
Block Check

Mr. Peabody’s tumbling blocks quilt is coming along REALLY nicely. We decided that he was about halfway through making all his blocks and it looks FANTASTIC. Don’t you agree?

Field Trip to the Church Bazar

We had a very special meeting of les courtepointistes last week. We went on a field trip to a local church bazaar. Man did we have a fun time! Needless to say we found many many awesome things and somehow managed to close it out.

Here’s what we found:

Awesome linens including some beautiful hand embroidered pillow cases, fantastic wool baby blanket, and an old top sheet that will become the backing for my hex-a-long quilt.

We also happened upon the glassware table. Let me tell you I have a weakness for vintage everyday use glassware. When I first saw the green mugs I quickly bought them. Then Mr. Peabody showed me the fantastic white mixing bowls and while the bazaar lady was wrapping those up, we spotted the awesome white mug and fantastic little dessert cups. I already have a few sets of cute small dessert friendly bowls, but like mugs, a person really can’t have too many right?

Mr. Peabody has been going to church bazaars for a while and picking through all the men’s shirts as a fabric source for quilts. Though he already has quite the stack, he’s always on the hunt for more awesome finds. He’s become quite strict in his search and will only accept 100% cotton shirts from now on. So those two in the bottom left are the start of my men’s shirt stash. They were too pretty to be rejected for being poly-cotton blends. That green one might make it’s way into the hex-a-long quilt too.

Among the stuff we bought were some fantastic labels. So pretty. I love vintage labels! Well I love a well designed label, most happen to be on vintage items where they weren’t trying to cram 7 languages and too much information into the tiniest label possible.

Among other things we found were silk scarves, crochet cotton, a dollar’s worth of saints and an apron 3-pack. I likely won’t wear any of the scarves. Not that they’re not super pretty (cause they are) but I’m really not an accessory person. I very very rarely even change my earrings. The scarves were just too pretty to be sitting in a box in the church basement and it is kind of an extension of my vintage handkerchief collection isn’t it?

Silk Scarf Tip: You can tell that you’ve chosen the correct scarves when the elderly ladies ringing you up start oooohing and aaaahing over what you’ve found.

Thursday nights are for quilting

Another week, another evening of quilting. Les courtepointistes have been pretty reliable with quilting on Thursday evenings. Last week was Mr. Peabody’s turn to come to my place.

Mr. Peabody has been working on an English Paper Pieced tumbling blocks quilt for quite some time now, almost a year I think. It’s very interesting how he’s chosen to divide up his process for this quilt. Since he started it with scraps and leftovers, he’s been in the habit to spend some time putting new scraps onto the piecing papers and loading them into his travel case for piecing into blocks later, slowly accumulating finished blocks.

As his collection of fabrics has grown, this process has understandably expanded in scope. He’s spent a few weeks cutting, and prepping lozenges from all the fabric he’s accumulated in the past few months. Now he has a cardboard box filled with a spectrum of lozenges to work with. Last Thursday he brought the box out to play.

He spent about a half an hour un-packing his box of fabric scraps prepped on papers and organising them by colour (all over my coffee table and onto the floor).

Grouping his lights on my floor.

Then he spent the rest of the evening making selections, while I finished working on my rainbow dodecahedron. Yes, it’s bad form to be knitting on quilt night, but sometimes I quilt on knitting night so it all works out. In this case it worked out pretty good for me to be knitting something pretty simple while he was selecting his fabric combinations. Every few minutes he’d ask me what I thought of such ‘n’ such fabrics together. I’d have a resounding “oh yeah!” in reply, or we’d find another lozenge to perfect the quilting illusion (insert waggling fingers here) for the block. By the end of the evening he I think 6 pins worth of selections made. Should take him a while to finish them all off.

By Sunday’s family dinner, he already had 5 blocks finished.

Pretty nice huh?

One of these days he’ll get around to start putting the blocks together. Don’t worry, I’ll take some pictures when that happens.

Les courtepointistes

I think it’s probably time that I mention how Mr. Peabody and I have caught the quilt bug. Maybe I said it before, but we’ve REALLY got it. And we’ve even started our own little quilting bee. Our name is les courtepointistes (courtepointe is quilting in French and is some kind of play on a musical movement or something).

So far it’s me, Mr. Peabody and occasionally one of his students, Louise. We’ve got our communal projects. We’ve had several “meetings.” We even spent an evening watching many episodes of Fons & Porter: Love of Quilting. And now Mr. Peabody has been giving posting access here, so I won’t be the only one rambling.

Welcome Mr. Peabody!

Oh and that’s just some pretty fabric that I really love and have no idea what it’s called. If you recognise it, please let me know. I’d love to have more of it.