Observational Robot

While following numerous illustrators, artists, comic book artists and animators for the past year or so, I managed to accumulate a number of interesting Photoshop brushes. Work has calmed down a bit, so I’ve been taking time to play around with them.

I’ve been drawing the toys that live on my desk at work and emailing them off to my friend Ruby. First off was this sketch (in non-photo type blue) of a pencil sharpener robot that she’d bought me.

From the sketchbook

I was flipping through one of my sketchbooks this week and took a snap of these swirlies. I often feel like adding a tail flourish to text doodles and when they’re not quite what I wanted, I descend into infini-swirls and can’t quite stop.

There are many of these to be found back in my high school notebooks. Needless to say I was often bored. I always intend to go back and extract the best doodles from that period. I made myself stop & take furious notes once I got to University. It’s a hard habit to get back into.

Box full of Sharpies

So randomly after work on a Friday I ventured to Staples to buy some printing supplies. After finding what I was “officially” looking for, I started browsing the pen aisle. I do love me some office or art supplies, so perhaps this was a mistake.

Browsing the aisle for promising tools, I came across this Super Mega Omni pack of Sharpies, their “80’s” colour pack. A.K.A. Markers in Sarah Colours. They HAD to be mine! In order to justify such an indulgence, I put back other promising pens in favour of these markers totally made for me.

Once I got home, I spent the rest of the evening playing around with them in my sketchbook (the results of which you can see).

I think there are much more fun marker times ahead.