Late report: Random Generator Socks

Remember these?

Well they’re finished too. Been finished for a while and very well appreciated too. If you’ve been stalking my Ravelry projects, you’ve probably already seen them.

After being all excited to start these and knitting up a fury, I found they were rather tight in the heel/ankle area and decided to rip them out completely and start all over again. Having worked on them once already, the fury and fun of the project was kind of gone and they became just one of those no end in sight kind of projects.

But weeks and weeks of tv knitting, some lunch knitting and a trip to LA/Denver and these suckers were eventually finished. I have to say that I’m more a fan of them now that they’re done that when I was knitting them. They’re super super perfect for my winter boots. Nuts to long underwear! I’m all about the knee high hand knit socks now! I’ve worn them as much as possible without suffering from smelly footses.

I decided to go with a large section of 1×1 twisted rib for these socks as the Such Great Heights Socks tend to be rather on the slouchy side. And I opted to be a little tighter with my tubular cast off as well to try and make these suckers as gravity defying as possible. They still tend to slouch when I’m not wearing my boots, but stay up when I’ve got them on so I can live with that.

Pattern: Um, boring toe-up socks but with colour changes? Some 1×1 twisted rib and a tubular cast off to finish.
Materials: 10 mini-cakes=1 ball of Opal sock yarn, but with crazier colours
Start Date: July 13, 2008.
End Date: December 6, 2008.

So there is going to be much more in the hand knit sock area, not just because of the sock clubs I’ve signed up for (shifty eyes) or the stack of sock yarns already staring at me from the bookcase. No, there’s going to be more hand knit socks because winter is long and hand knit socks are like hot chocolate for your feets.

Homework’s done, playtime starts

The sample knitting I’ve been working on is now complete and handed in. I can continue working on building my wardrobe for my future career as a Children’s Entertainer.* The Random Generator Socks can continue without guilt. After finishing the Noro socks, I couldn’t help but cast on. Now that my knitting homework is done, I can continue knitting without any guilt.

They are turning out to be way too much fun. I find myself knitting knitting knitting so that I’m closer to the next colour change. Like with the Noro, but even more exciting as I don’t know what colours are going to follow.

*Children’s Entertainer as future career is used for comedic purposes and is not to be mistaken as actual future career goals even if I seem to have some subconscious desire for the appropriate wardrobe.

Yes I’m alive. No I’m not bored of knitting.

Heya. Sorry I haven’t been terribly reliable as a blogger lately. I’ve been terribly busy at work and have been stressing myself out worrying about all sorts of silliness. But things are settling down, so I can relax.

I know many of you would like to see/hear progress on the Squid Sux Cuttlefish Socks, but I really haven’t had the mental energy to work through the killer chart for that project. I’ve been furiously knitting simple things…wanting to just zen out with a project. Not really the best strategy for getting something worth wearing out of my knitting. At the moment I’m working on some simple socks.

One pair that I’m really excited to cast on for are the Random Sock Generator socks. At an Ariadne knit night a few weeks ago, Mr. Peabody realised something amazing. Ariadne sells the little Opal Sock Cakes for $1 (CDN) with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. Now if 10 of these mini cakes is the equivalent yardage of a ball of sock yarn, but isn’t quite as expensive of a single skein (plus you’re doing your part to save bobbles).

Much of the rest of the evening was spent coming up with our perfect socks choosing from the yarn cupcakes that Ariadne had in stock.

These were my picks for some fabulously crazy socks:

These are going to be no thinking socks. I’m going to knit these toe-up, magic loop style. I know, I know, I know but if you know me at all, you know that I resist change/new things/hype until I’ve tried it out and made up my own mind. Toe-up magic loop isn’t the cat’s pyjamas in my book, but I’m not going to write it off completely.

My minimal planning for these socks is to divide each cake in two so that each sock will have equal amounts of each yarn cupcake. There are two cupcakes of one kind of yarn, so no splitting required.

The Randomness is what order the yarns are going to be in. Once they’ve been cast on, I’m going to split the little balls into two little bags and choose which yarn is next by picking them out of the bags. It’s going to be awesome! I just have to finish off a few other things first…

Oh and I’m going to be bothering Mr. Peabody at Effiloché this afternoon for that whole Knit in Public thing that’s going on.