Fibre is good for you

Medium Coopworth

This past week I had a little food poisoning fun where sitting in front of the computer and knitting made me sea sick so I don’t really have anything interesting to report to you. That and I’ve been doing some sample knitting for VĂ©ronik so…yeah…not really anything I can show you.

Dark Brown Welsh Top

But for those of you who have me on your Ravelry stalker lists, you may have noticed that I added a WHOLE bunch of yarn & such to my stash in the past couple of weeks. Now much of that isn’t recent purchases and many of the oddballs are from the various destashes that a Montreal Knits member gets to partake in. Really I went through all the yarn that didn’t get added since the last time I catalogued my stash (really, since I got my Ravelry membership I think a year ago).

Fine Brown Shetland

I haven’t really been spinning much lately. I’ve been crazy busy/mentally occupied at work in the past months and this last week of sea sickness has really not been terribly condusive to me picking up the spindle. I’m thinking it would be an instant vomitrometer in my general state of this past week. Don’t worry. I’ll live. There has not been any actual vomit, but there were a few quite close calls Thurs & Fri.

Light Grey Swalesdale

Fibre accumulation on the other hand is something else entirely. And it really doesn’t help that Mr. Peabody works over at EffilochĂ© where Ginette’s been getting in more and more spinning supplies to temp the weak willed spinning geeks such as Mr. Peabody & myself. We totally geeked out about the various sheep breeds available in natural colours. We decided to split bags to be slightly more reasonable and got basically one of each breed/shade available.

Light Brown Coopworth

Some spinners are totally turned on by some of the crazy manmade and plant fibres available out there. But me? I’m content to follow my spinning teacher’s advice and stick to the sheep for the time being until I have some more experience. And now that I’ve seen how many lovely sheepies there are too choose from out there, I’m super happy to stick to that recommendation for now.

Grey Gotland

I’m planning on continuing to work through the rest of my white Corriedale before breaking into any of this lusciously tempting fibre. Let’s hope the world stops feeling so spinny so I can get my spindle going again!

Nominated for speediest delivery

Pckg no. 1, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

I’ve had a Secret Pal for about 2 days and on the second day I received my first package of treats!

There was some rapid fire email exchanges detailing the holes in my bamboo straights collection and some creative guessing on my part as to my pal’s location (creative = I’m crazy and guess really weird places based on misreading certain terms).

Next thing I know, the girl who contacted me through Ravelry was all of a sudden asking me if I was in fact me and lived on X street as she just got an order. Again I’m not too swift sometimes and was like, I didn’t order anything (sometimes I’m quite a silly rabbit). She offered to bring my treats to the knitting night in Westmount so I got my treats last night!

Thanks so much K2P2! I shall now have to finish what’s occupying my 2.0mm double points so I can get cracking on the tiny sock. The straights are destined for my roll-your-own needle case. They shall be quite cosy.

So last night was my big blind date with Robyn who I have been messaging with through Ravelry this past week. It was nice to visit the more English part of Montreal and hang with some fellow yarn geeks. I got to help someone with a sock and talk about all my geekdom (and history of geekdom) without shame.

I completely stopped the conversation when I mention steeking. Literally a hush fell on the group as one knitter quietly said ‘I’m so afraid to cut my knitting.’ So I cavalierly suggested getting an ugly practise sweater from a thrift store to practise cutting up (even practise crocheting the steek) to get used to the idea, how it feels and what should be cut. I know I should have been more nervous about steeking, but I’ve always been a fearless knitter. The first sock I ever knit was a lacy and child sized. My mom was my only knitting resource and she’s more of the easy, quick knit sweater school of Patons from the 80’s, so I was pretty much on my own and learned from patterns and projects that I wanted to tackle.

I guess I’m now in the company of the biggest geekie knitters out there. I kind of figured that from how long I’ve been knitting, but it didn’t really occur to me just how much until last night. Not only have I steeked, but I was fearless about it too.

I wonder if I get to have a funny hat now? Or some kind of knitting orb & sceptre? I guess I should at least treat myself to some lovely handpainted something or other.

It’s So Exciting!

yummy insides too., originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

It’s done and I LUV IT!

Right. I haven’t written about it. So I knit me a Deep V Argyle Vest. Started it sometime in June and finished stitching down the steeks yesterday evening. In the pics you’ll notice one of my new and fabulous swishy girly skirts. I’ve decided that I’m going to be a pretty skirt girl. So now I have a bunch. And the one in the pics is my favourite. I just want to twirl for hours in it. But then I get dizzy and stop.

But back to the knitting. After figuring out A. my gauge and then extrapolating that to B. what size instructions I should use (I stopped and started a couple of times as usual), the pattern was pretty easy breezy. Steeking is the coolest thing evers! And for the record, I did not require alcohol to aid me with my cutting. Just some lovely pink embroidery scissors and some patience.

I didn’t really change anything. The only trickiness was working with the different yarns. The Rowan Tapestry is like knitting with Unicorn Hair (but easier to come by) and the Alpaca Silk is kind of slippery. But the Tapestry felts enough to make me confident that the Alpaca Silk will stay in place. I’m happy with how well the Hand painted Alpaca Silk combined with the Tapestry to create a somewhat readable pattern and that any colour pooling strengthens the look of the vest rather than making me want to tear out my eyes. Oh and I’m amazing cause I dyed the Alpaca Silk myself.

In other excitement news, I am making knitting friends and am about to meet people I have only known thru the internets for the first time evers! I am going to participate in a Knit Nite for the first time tomorrow night and am kind of nervous about it. This nice lady contacted my thru Ravelry to ask if I have ever particitpated and would I like to come to the next one. So off I go! My first knitting friend! Kind of exciting, yes?

But wait, there’s more…

I signed up for Secret Pal 11 and got an email today from my Pal of Secrecy with some leading questions and fun Star Wars banter. Secret Pal combines two of my favourite things (well three), getting mailed packages of treats, surprises and knitting. It’s like they were reading my mind when creating it! I’m terribly excited and I’ve only had an email so far. It’s only going to get better and I can’t wait!

I think I’ll twirl off and make some dinner now…

The Attention Span of a Flea

3 scoops of yarn, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

Right. So Ravelry has completely destroyed my discipline of working on one project at a time. I admit that I did already have two on the go before Ravelry became part of my life, but the excitement of browsing all the projects people are working on, searching through patterns, finding fun Flickr sites via the Forums has put TONS of things into my cue and it getting me thinking all creative like about planning more and more and more and more projects rather than enjoying working on my brother’s second sock which has been so so so much fun.

Coming across Hello Yarn’s version of these mittens got me started thinking about how much I want a pair.

I heart Fair Isle. And I’m quite a fan of using humour and kitschy imagery into my crafts, especially when they involve ‘serious’ and traditional techniques and styles. My career at Design school was my personal adoption of the Garden Gnome Liberation Front as defacto organization for projects over several years. I take comedy quite seriously.

I love the idea of knitting with neopolitan ice cream colours. In fact, I’m totallies in love with this trio of colours at the moment. I’m so excited about these colours and this project that I just couldn’t help myself from casting on this afternoon while listening to a podcast of This American Life.

K. I’m going to get back to savouring my weekend treat.

Ravelry leads to the destruction of my living room

Woodward’s Sports Yarn, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

It finally arrived! My invitation to Ravelry! I can’t believe it! Yay!

So I just finished spending much of the afternoon adding projects, tracking my needles, adding to my library, taking pictures and posting the contents of my stash on Ravelry. And now my stash is a mess. My desk is a mess. My living room is a mess. I blame it all on Ravelry.

But the lack of motivation to tidy any of it up is all mine.