These aren’t my socks

Pattern: Striped Sports Socks with i-cord bind off
Yarn: Briggs & Little Sport, Sheep’s Grey and Royal Blue
Start: Mid July 2007
End: October 1, 2007

They belong so someone much taller than me. Hopefully they’ll still be knee-highs (or something close) on her. Next need to stick them in an envelope and send them away.

Well, you readers fulfilled your end of the bargain and commented, so I’ll do my part and post more. Most surprising is that I’ve got subscribers….WHOT?!?! That’s kind of crazy to me. This may make my posts a little more coherent and stick to one (ish) topic. So today is some finished socks.

Oh and I understand those of you who are non-blog commentors. I generally don’t comment on people’s blogs that I read all the time. But I’m going to endeavour to comment more as well as post more.

Knitting Nowhere

Why does it feel like I’m knitting and knitting with no results? Oh yes. Maybe it’s because I have 5 very active projects at the moment. That’s right. 5 projects. I’ve been working on the Ravenclaw toe-up knee highs and Adult Surprise Jacket at knit nites. But then I couldn’t help but start up on the Cable Eyelet Cardigan and one day a sudden urge for Fair Isle resurrected the hibernating mitten.

Now the Cardigan is using up all my knitting attention span and happens to also be the smallest gauge item that I’m knitting at the moment. So I really feel like all the knitting is getting me nowhere.

And now I have a sore forearm. It’s not from knitting, it’s from work. But still the knitting isn’t helping. Not knitting is making me quite restless. Yargh.

Cartoon socks, swatching for the cardi and bitten by a spindle

I’ve had quite the knitting week. A knitting afternoon downtown last sunday, and two knit nites (in NDG and the Plateau). I decided to go to all of them to check out who goes to which ones and scope out the vibes of each one. I have to say that the ones downtown and in the Plateau are more preferred. Mostly because they are closer to where I live and partly because the atmosphere is a little more relaxed and knitterly. While there is still good conversation, people are pretty much there to knit. And they bring interesting projects. On thursday, there was a sweater, a furry scarf concoction, a shrug, a throw or two, some socks (Jaywalkers I believe) and some spindling.

I was totally bitten by the spinning bug. Watching how easy, quick and effective it was to use a hand spindle, I’m totally into the idea of spinning my own yarn. It first came to mind on a weekend trip to Toronto where I fell in love with a little baggie of luscious something or other fibre for really cheap. I can see how it could be the knitter’s drug. I’ve seen so many nice handspuns in the lands of the internets, but am not sure I want to sacrifice the floor space to a full on wheel. I’m glad to see that the spindle is just as effective in creating a nice yarn. It’s the kind of space saving device I can commit to.

My project for the week was the toe up Ravenclaw socks I’m making for my roommate from London. She’s finishing up her Master’s in International Relations at King’s College London and will be happy to have some cozy socks for the upcoming winter. Central heating can be rather spotty in London. Plus I wanted the excuse to try some toe up socks. There are so many people who rave all about them and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I like the results, but not convinced it’s better than the usual top down methods. I do feel like I’m knitting in a cartoon when I’m working on them though. The fully formed socks springing from the needles as if by magic, instantly ready to be worn, even if I’m not quite at cartoon speed. It takes more than 15 seconds per sock.

I’ve given myself the challenge of working these socks continental as well. Why? Because it’s a 4 x 2 rib for the entire sock and let’s face it, ribbing SUCKS when you do the English style throwing. My ribbing tends to be somewhat loosey goosey as well. One sock is finished and by the end I was more efficient working the pattern Continental rather than English. It seemed like it was slower going, but the economy of movements gave me more resulting fabric for less hand flourishes.

Because one project is never enough and my mind has been thinking about it for a while, I’ve also started swatching for my lace rib cardigan using my hand-dyed Lana Gatto VIP. I’ve figured out the basis of the pattern and need to work out the details of gauge and stitch counts. I’ve been reverse engineering the stitch pattern from a Gap sweater I bought a couple of years ago and ran into some of my classic over thinking when writing it down for myself. There has been much ripping out and starting over with the changing and rechanging of needle size. Finally I’ve settled on 2.75mm and have started to work on the final swatch for calculations. This is the first sweater that I’m building basically from scratch. I’m quite excited about it.

Oh and on friday I found two lovely little treats from my Secret Pal in my mailbox. Some lovely little earrings and a voucher for some free movies at Blockbuster, each with a nice little note attached. Thanks K2P2!

The First Package

The speedy delivery continues with the First Package* arrived Monday afternoon. I’m a bit behind posting about it as I very suddenly was assigned a temp job and had to get ready for it. The buying of groceries for dinners, lunches and breakfastses. Grilling chicken and roasting peppers to facilitate the making of yummy sandwiches to take to work and the making of spaghetti bolognese for dinners through the week.

But now, here’s the goods:

How exciting a package? I heart the use of the ‘Hello my name is…’ stickers. The emails specify a West Coast location, but the postmark reads Montreal. Hrm….

I opened to find a stack of CDs and DVDs, pretty much my whole Amazon list for my listening and viewing pleasure.

In a separate little package, I received these lovely custom stitch markers. I’ve never had official stitch markers before. I usually use bits of yarn tied into circles or woven around stitches. This is very exciting.

And what am I knitting? Well, I finished the Le’Slouch and am now chugging through the Ravenclaw Knee High toe-up socks for my old roommate. The basic 2×4 rib has inspired me to learn and be comfortable with Continental yarn handling. I’m getting pretty quick with it (I think I’m now faster doing the rib Continental rather than English), but I’m still doing all the fancy work with my usual throwing.

Oh and I’m SO IN LOVE with the yarn I’m using. I mean I’ve been completely enamoured with Briggs & Little since forevers. But now the Sport is my favourite. The resulting fabric is just beautiful. I want to make at least two cardigans out of the light and dark sheep’s grey. The only thing is that I haven’t found a local shop that stocks it. My usual place in Edmonton stocks every weight and colour which made me very dependant. I love this company’s wools because it’s not expensive, there’s some great colours, it has a fabulous texture and it comes in very generous skeins. Oh and it’s not expensive. More people need to stock this company’s wool. I heart Briggs & Little! (end of endorsement).

*First Package according to K2P2’s count, I say it’s package two, or at least 1b as I got her/his order from a local online yarn shop.