Woodgrain Slippers

Tops & bottoms This is another project that I knit during Christmas vacation. And it was also a gift (that was given as balls of yarn). Finished slippers The pattern is something of my brother’s invention. It may have been figured out from some old slippers someone brought to him. I can’t remember. The knitting was super fast and it’s a pretty simple slipper formula. One of these days he might finally write it up. These were not knit for my feets: They're not for me.Pattern: Woodgrain Slippers Materials: Cascade 220 Heathers held double Purchased At: Effiloché Start Date: January 5, 2012 End Date: January 7, 2012 The slippers were pretty quick yet satisfying to knit up. They have quite a nice squooshy finished texture. I might (one day) eventually have to make myself a pair.