Hooked on crochet

It seems to be rather fashionable of late to be all about crochet. And this time I’m firmly a part of the trend. I can’t get enough of the hook. I’ve got it so bad that I’ve been working on crochet blocks while eating my breakfast in the morning. I can often be found with a hook and project crumpled up in my bag walking around Montreal. I don’t necessarily work on the project when I’m out and about, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there.

The Hexagonal Blanket is not enough for me. I need MORE crochet projects! I have to crochet ALL the time! More more MORE!

So, uh, I joined a swap.

And I started a bag.

And yeah. Hopefully that should keep the craving satisfied. At least until I get a chance to cut out all those hexagons.