‘Tis the season for Jingle Earrings

Pattern: Los Lobe Hose by Carol Breitner
Materials: Various Festive donations of sock yarns from Sharon
Start Date: December 4, 2007
Finished By: December 4, 2007

When I wore my Teeny Tiny Sock Earrings to a Sunday Sit ‘n’ Knit, Sharon immediately told me I absolutely NEEDED to make a pair to wear at Christmas time. We all laughed at the cheese-y-ness of such an idea and I (kinda joking) said, ‘Bring me the yarn and I’ll TOTALLY make a pair!’

So then why did it take me completely by surprise when a few Sunday meetings later, Sharon plopped a little baggie full of Xmas-y yarns in front of me just as I sat down. After instantly bursting into laughter, I promised her a pair of her very own. But without pierced ears, they would be destined to be a pin for Sharon’s lapel. You know to show her support for Christmas.

If I’m ever a part of a Christmas related charity, I think pins with tiny knitted socks & mittens & gloves would HAVE to be our thing.

Destined to be earrings (for me)

Sharon gave me some leftovers of 4 great colours of sock yarn that I have no idea what they are and desperately love. Two shades of green: one a subtle vareagated olive-y sort of green, one a perfect holiday evergreen; A perfect holly berry red; and this FANTASTIC sparkling white (not only is the yarn pure pure white, it has little sparklies built right in).

I kept thinking what sort of magical combination of complicated colour changes I should come up with, but exhausted from work & watching way too many Crime Investigation shows on Peasant Vision, I opted for some simple striping with contrasting heel & toe action. I’m very happy with the result.

Don’t worry, no ends are technically woven in this pattern so no itty bitty headache there.

Destined to be a pin (for Sharon)

After working two to be a matched pair (silly festive earrings should match non?) I opted to be a tiny bit crazier and switched it up for the greens. Secretly I want my own pair of mismatched socks and there’s only so much of the olive green, don’t tell. I feel this set are a little more Dr. Seussian which makes me very happy.

All these little festive socks have created a bitty obsession. I’ve decided as an ongoing project for all those leftover bits of sock yarn to knit teeny tiny socks and itty bitty mittens and make myself a lovely little garland. It may get a wee bit crazy with some mini sweaters added in here and there.

I have a tendency to get a bit carried away with tiny obsessive projects and my parents are storing my jars & jars of itty paper stars, paper cranes, and other origami items from my paper phase (I’ll move them one day along with all my Design school projects/drawings/paintings). So I may end up with a whole garland sooner than anticipated. Or not.

Other inspiring holiday knitting ideas: a pair of knee-high or thigh-high socks with a Candy Cane swirl all the way down. Would be all sorts of awesome.