The Procrastinated Unfortunate Sock Report

These socks have been finished for quite some time. They’ve just been sitting on a shelf waiting for me to finally work in all the ends and stick ’em on my feets (or like make it official by posting them here). Sorry for the procrastination. I’m guess I’m just not feeling so wordy these days. A more poetic interpretation of this sock yarn.

Right, so, uh, I finished these socks in September and am only now getting around to writing about them now that we’re into November. Maybe it’s that the colours here in Montreal have turned to match. Or it could be this particular rainy fall day we’re having but today I’m finally writing about them.

I started these back at the end of August in an inspired match of colour scheme to pattern and went whole hog from there. I did have to restart these to add some stitches to adapt for my gauge, but continued on from there. Each stripe transition was fully enjoyable in it’s own Ugly Doll/Charlie Brown/Nanaimo Bar kind of way.

The pattern itself is pretty straight forward. I really didn’t pay close attention once the mitered increase/decreases were set up. When ready, I plunked in the patterened heel, and then the toe. I did modify the gusset decreases √† la Brainy but left the stitch count from leg to foot. I do find that the socks have a certain inherit slouch at the ankle, and I may have been a bit generous in my adaptation for my gauge, but overall I’m happy with these socks. Especially now that rubber/winter boot season seems to be upon us once more.

Pattern: Crosswalker Socks by Emily B. Miller
Materials: Trekking XXL 193 – Sad Charlie Brown stripes (lot 5396)
Start Date: August 26, 2008
End Date: September 25, 2008

A Tale of mischievous knitting habits

You ever have one of those things? There just this ball of yarn that sticks in your brain and you just HAVE to have it even if you don’t REALLY know why? The perfect combination of individually ugly or unremarkable colours that when combined evoke the best of a classic Charlie Brown? Well this ball of Trekking XXL (colour 193) did that to me last Saturday. I kept thinking about it. So much so that after forgetting to buy it before Mr. Peabody and I headed out for evening hang out time, I HAD to go back to Effiloch√© and pick it up the VERY next day they were open (along with a skein of the Malabrigo sock yarn they just got in and some fishie bobbins for crazy yarn un-plying I’m doing which will be the topic of another post).

A day or two later, reading about Brainylady’s forthcoming travel sock project: Crosswalkers, the two came together in my mind as a perfect pair of socks. Initially I’m calling them Unfortunate Crosswalkers as I see them as being part of a perfect costume for a character in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Now dear reader, had I ever read any of the books, I would be sure to scam the writing style to my heart’s content. But alas, I was never pressured enough by my Teacher-Librarian mother to pick them up. Now that I’m several inches into the socks, I feel they may be more in the Ugly Doll category but I can live with that though I still like my initial instincts on their name.

I’ve been so excited to be knitting these socks that I’m even working on them while I take the Metro to and from work (a 20 min journey door to door). I don’t usually knit on the Metro as a rule, especially during the usual morning cattle drive. But there’s just something about these socks I tell ya. Just can’t put ’em down!